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Culture Beat Bio

How often have we all danced to tracks like “Mr. Vain”, “Anything” or “Got To Get It”?

The story of Culture Beat is tightly connected to the history of German dance floors. For twenty years Culture Beat have been receiving worldwide recognition on the highest level. The single Mr. Vain was a worldwide hit in 1993, scoring at #1 in as many as thirteen different countries (among them Germany, UK and Netherlands) and became a club classic. Equally successful was the album Serenity with its additional singles Got To Get It and Anything; it’s an album that many experts see as a milestone in the history of dance.

Culture Beat was founded in 1989 by the late Torsten Fenslau – a legendary DJ at the Dorian Gray Club in Frankfurt. After his tragic death in a car accident at the end of 1993 his younger brother Frank took over Culture Beat and produced the albums Inside Out (1995, with the hit singles Inside Out and Crying in the Rain) and Metamorphosis (1998, with hits like Rendez-Vous).

Recently Culture Beat released a smashing house tune Your Love which is co written by the English lead singer Jackie Sangster – the face of Culture Beat for the last ten years. Together with their record label Superstar Recordings, Jackie and Frank have released several singles including the hit Your Love in 2008, and are currently working on a forthcoming album.