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Guru Josh


Guru Josh Bio

Guru Josh is Paul Walden; a pioneering and iconic figure in the dance music industry.

Promoter, artist, designer, entrepreneur and above all dance music icon Guru Josh storms forth into 2011 with no clear sign of stopping. The pioneering figure renowned the world over for his meteoric successes with the single Infinity, has once again proven his longevity and persistence in dance music’s industry – with his 2010 single Frozen Teardrops seeing A playlist status across the globe and being licensed to Pioneer, Blanco y Negro and Ministry of Sound Germany. Now 2011 moves ahead with full speed for the Guru – his latest track Love Of Life is enjoying a #1 spot in Russia and being supported by some of club land’s most influential DJs.

Paul Walden under the moniker Guru Josh started out with humble beginnings in his home island of Jersey as a promoter, and subsequently spent time in the US running a string of successful businesses before returning to London to concentrate on his music career.

After performing at like-minded parties including Sunrise, World Party and Biology, the promoter of a rave called Infinity financed the cutting of a promotional white label. A slow burner on its first pressing, Infinity was initially supported by Mike Pickering; it became a Hacienda anthem before being signed to Deconstruction, selling 3 000 000 copies on its totemic rise to being one of the most recognised dance anthems of all time. And as they say – the rest is history!

With his records charted all over world, Guru Josh has gone on to sell out 600 strong venues, fulfil Ibiza residences season after season and continue to release hit after hit as one of the most recognizable dance stars on the planet.

Now 2011 brings forth a new three-month tour seeing him trek regions from India to Norway to Guyana, taking his Guru Josh Live And Direct to new shores. A man of huge vision and talent, Guru Josh is once more on top of the world!