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Haddaway Bio

Ten years, four albums and over twenty million sold copies – the result of the plural laureate.

Nestor Alexander Haddaway, born at Trinidad/Tobago, studied Marketing and Policy at George Washington University, Washington DC, before he started his music carrier.

With What Is Love he stormed the charts all over the globe and achieved a sales quota of over eight million units. The track appertained up to 52 weeks at worldwide Top 10 Charts and even today it is part of the Top 100 Airplay charts of US. After that bang, further hits like Life, Rock My Heart, Fly Away and I Miss You followed and entered the Top 20 Charts.

With Haddaway’s second album The Drive, released in 1995, he did not miss the opportunity to continue his success without a break. In 1998, Let’s Do Love was launched at the worldwide market – another album with outstanding musical aesthetics and performances of impulsive rhythmic, unique melodies and especially Haddaway’s incomparable voice. In 1999 all his famous hits had been rearranged and remixed for his All the Best – His Greatest Hits album. In 2001 Haddaway showed that he has developed and enhanced his musical career with his fourth album Love Makes. He made clear his distance to the habitual dance floor-sound by mediating new impulses as an undoubted musical global player in his songs. His irresistible hook-lines, moods and sounds – with only a small electronic touch – are adaptable to nearly all stages, discos and clubs.

During his impressing career, Haddaway has been dignified with several awards like the World Music Award, Echo-Award, Goldene Europa and many more. Shiploads of Gold and Platinum-records confirm Haddaway in his chosen way and development as one of the “Big Ones” in the worldwide music business.

There are many different facets to Alexander Nestor Haddaway. With 28 million recordings sold, he is a global player in the world of pop music and also has a vast number of other talents, which means that referring to him just as a “pop star” is completely inadequate. How many pop stars have a doctorate in political sciences and history from the famous George Washington University in Washington DC? How many stars have worked as a choreographer, textiles trader and carpet fitter? Who has played American football, practices aikido, and feels as safe on a snowboard and skis as he does behind the wheel of a rally car? And who speaks not only English, Dutch, French and German but also pure Cologne dialect? Polarisation is the overriding component.

In musical terms, Haddaway has a polarising effect too. Many people know his work from the 90s and see him as the spearhead for Eurodance pop.