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India Bio

India is the internationally acclaimed "Princessa de la Salsa", making this Hispanic beauty the true essence of a diva.

India’s inception into the music industry was with the popular dance group TKA, one of the first Latin hip-hop groups to come out of the streets of New York City and credited with revolutionizing the sound of Latin music worldwide. Feeling more confident than ever, India embarked on a music venture with DJ and producer “Little Louie” Vega, who introduced her to the record producer Jellybean Benitez. Awed by her self-assurance and vocal dominance, Jellybean immediately signed her to his independent record label, distributed by Warner Brothers.

India’s first single under his tutelage was Dancing In The Fire which has a Spanish version as well. Subsequently after her first single, India released her second single The Lover Who Rocks You which reached the top five singles charts in the dance music genre. Achieving great success and recognition after the release of her first two singles, India released her first album entitled Breaking Night which established her dominance in the dance music scene.

India is a spiritual soul and thought she attained great recognition and success in the dance music industry, she experienced a heartfelt desire to cultivate and embrace her Latin culture. It wasn’t long after her inquisitiveness that she met legendary composer, producer and pianist Eddie Palmieri. Impressed by this talented Latina, Palmieri saw an opportunity to bridge the generation gap and capitalizing on the intensity of her youth, he recorded with India her first Latin album titled Llego La India Via Eddie Palmieri produced by RMM/Soho Latino. The success of this record production led to her being signed by the internationally respected record label RMM Records & Video Corporation.

In 1994 India launched her second album for RMM/Soho Latino, in collaboration with producer and arranger Sergio George, entitled Dicen Que Soy; her first distinction as a triple Platinum recording artist. The single Nunca Voy A Olvidarte was a major number one hit internationally and it topped the billboards for over five consecutive weeks in conjunction with four other singles from this production that topped the Billboard’s Salsa Tropical Singles.

Sobre el Fuego (1997) and Sola (2000) have both achieved the distinction of Grammy-nominated albums; Sola was acclaimed by music critics and industry experts as one of her most powerful performances. This production proved to be emotionally charged as she pays homage to deceased Cuban Diva “La Lupe”, who was known for her soulful voice and tempestuous personality. India’s rendition of Que Te Pedi and Si Vuelves Tu is a mirror image of La Lupe’s original recordings bringing on a real hair-raising experience. Among her numerous proclamations and recognitions, India has been acclaimed as a two-time Grammy nominee for Best Tropical Music Artist in 1998 and Best Salsa Performer in 2000. All of her solo albums have been certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA.

India is a multi-faceted accomplished international artiste, embracing dance, rhythm, blues, Latin jazz and Afro-Cuban music all with immense success. She is also a gifted bilingual and diverse music genre lyricists, acclaimed for songs such as I Can’t Get No Sleep for Masters At Work and Love and Happiness for River Ocean, both #1 Billboard Dance Single. Most notably, she co-wrote the 1992 #1 Billboard hit song for Salsa and Pop singer Marc Anthony. In 1997 India collaborated with Venezuelan Salsa star Oscar De Leon in a duet titled Hazme el Amor for his album En Nueva York produced by Isidrio Infante.

2012 is set to be the year that this Latin talent returns to our airwaves, so stay tuned.