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Inna Bio

Inna is the hugely successful Romanian artist responsible for the hit single "Hot".

Alexandra, using the surname Inna, is a 22 year-old singer from Neptun (Black Sea Coast – Romania) who vows that music is her strongest passion.

Advised by her family who recognized her talent at an early age, Inna began to sing and has been taking canto lessons for eight years, but soon wished to broaden her knowledge and decided to explore the world of numbers and eventually graduated from the Economical high-school in Constanta and the Political Sciences College.

Inna’s first single Hot (2009) has been produced by the three talented guys from Play & Win (Radu Bolfea, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan). By now, it’s common knowledge that the single has registered great success; the rating measurement system developed by Nielsen Media Research shows that Hot is the most broadcasted musical product as we speak, being supported by radio stations and music televisions.

Even before the radios had the opportunity to play the song, it had already collected over ten thousands views on YouTube in just a few weeks. The single has two video clips, with two different scripts. While the first one unfolds a story, the second one is more of an image video clip in which Inna tries on different – very sexy – looks.

Inna is the new revelation of the Romanian club music as her song smashed the music charts short time after its release. After the single Hot stayed two weeks #1 in NAC, the “Inna fever” overran Europe being broadcasted in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands and still counting. Short time after, none other but the most important independent producer in US showed his interest in Inna’s project, consequently signing a major record deal.

She released her second single Love in 2010, which quickly reached Nielsen Chart’s Top 10. The track climbed very fast in the Romanian and international music charts, threatening the first position and proving that Inna is more than a one-time hit. The success of Love was completed by the video, shot in slow motion, and presents the battle between good and evil; Inna and her music making the connection between the two elements.

2010 proved to be a very busy year for Inna as she released multiple hit singles such as 10 Minutes, Déjà Vu featuring Bob Taylor and Amazing. 2011 was no less productive as she provided the dance scene with several more including Club Rocker featuring Flo Rida, Sun Is Up and Un Momento.

With such an impressive and extensive discography already within her two-years in the music industry, one can only dream of what more is to come.