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John Martin


John Martin Bio

John Martin has been catapulted into the international spotlight over the past couple of months thanks to his huge success single, in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, "Save The World".

Unlike most singer/songwriters in house music, John Martin’s route started slightly differently (and somewhat unintentionally) after getting his first guitar at thirteen and quickly forming his own band which played Nirvana covers.

John worked for his family business and played with his band during the weekends, performing at every bar and club that offered free dinner. At home John’s vision of life as a star grew stronger and gradually the covers were replaced by his own songs as the creative drive to write took over. The band was signed but after working on an album for several years the project was stopped by the record company.

Where most people would give up, John persisted with the band and in spring 1999 John Martin performed at a party in central Stockholm with Michel Zitron – then an aspiring young songwriter and producer – in attendance. Afterwards they were introduced by a mutual friend but it was ten years before John and Michel’s paths crossed again.

A summer night in 2009 and Michel Zitron who by now was an established songwriter and producer, was DJ-ing at a club in Stockholm. John Martin was in the crowd having left his friends at a rock club on a quest for house music. After closing time John and Michel ended up at the same after party and were re-introduced, where they discovered their common passion for melancholy, big melodies and dance music. They waxed lyrical about the lack of sadness, messages and stories in contemporary dance music and decided to work together.

Their first songs emerged rapidly and they realized that they were musical soul-mates and so made an album. It was from this moment that John Martin took the firm step from rock to dance music.

Around this time the fellow Swedes, the massive International DJ collective Swedish House Mafia, were working with Michel Zitron who was writing for them, and the Swedish House Mafia quickly discovered the talents of John Martin. Over a few studio sessions in LA during the winter of 2010 the track Save The World was created and unveiled at Miami WMC in spring 2011, giving the Swedish House Mafia the accolade of having the Miami soundtrack for the third year in a row – all with the help of John Martin and his rock infused voice.

There has been much speculation on who the man behind the vocals is (as seems fitting from the outfit behind Masquerade Motel) but the somewhat illusive John Martin’s mask has been removed and the voice behind the track of summer 2011 is revealed. He now looks set for a very healthy international tour schedule with rumours of more exciting collaborations to come.