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Lil Jon


Lil Jon Bio

The self-appointed “King of Crunk”.

The West coast got Dr. Dre, the East coast got DJ Premier and now the dirty South found the worthy representative regarding producing: the self-appointed “King of Crunk” or as he is better known, Lil Jon.

At the beginning of the 90s Lil Jon was a club DJ and a radio host where he also started to produce his first remixes. In 1993 JD signed him as A&R for So So Def. The founder of the new hip-hop genre “Crunk” and his Eastside Boyz took their chance and released their first LP Get Crunk, Who u Wit: Da Album.

The single created a small hype but it was some time till Lil Jon captured the mainstream audience. His worldwide hit Yeah (feat. Usher & Ludacris) is the fastest selling hip-hop song ever (during one year more than two million copies were sold). Apparently everything that he touched during this time was got golden. Several movies, his own energy-drink and music productions for some of the biggest names in the music business followed.

A few years ago he released the successful collaborations with LMFAO titled Outta Your Mind and Shots, as well as his party tunes with Pitbull Krazy and The Anthem that entered the charts during that summer.

Last year came his critically acclaimed debut album entitled Crunk Rock showcasing tracks such as G Walk, Get In Get Out, Outta Your Mind and Ms Chocolate.

Lil Jon makes the crowd bounce with his rough voice and his powerful performance and is never satisfied till the sweat drops from the wall.