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Rebeka Brown


Rebeka Brown Bio

With her deep-rooted Spanish temperament and her undeniable musical talent, Rebeka Brown is recognized as one of the most well known vocal figures of the International Electronic Music scene.

Through her live performances she has been able to bring us to her inner-universe, always full of energy while being as glamorous as ever. Rebeka has the natural ability to captivate her audiences making the crowd and performers feel as one in the same while she’s on stage. Versatility and a rich musical background are her foundation for being at the forefront of the latest musical trends. Her hits have taken her on tour around the globe, leaving an everlasting mark on her faithful audiences and always hungry for more.

In 2005, the song Sun Rising Up featuring Spanish house producer David Penn (Urbana, Azuli), became the summer anthem of Ibiza. As a result, Rebeka won her first award for Best Track of the Year at the annual DJ Awards. She lit up every stage in the club capital, from the terraces of Space and Amnesia in Ibiza to countless other international venues where she performed it live that year. Furthermore, her successful collaboration with the Matinée Group placed her right in the heart of the global dance scene and left her in high demand for many important key players in the market.

It was shortly thereafter in 2006 that Rebeka received her next award for Best Track, Maniac, featuring producer Juanjo Martin of Rainlove. Later in 2008 she received Best Song of the Year for Real Things by DeeJay Mag (Houseworks, Matinée Recording). In the same year Rebeka won the Lifetime Award for Best Pioneering Live Artist. She then continued with weekly performances for sold-out audiences at the world-renowned mega-club Privilege. One of her performances has held a Guinness World Record for largest club audience of 12 000 people on the night of SuperMartXé featuring Rebeka Brown live.

Her next track, Don’t Let This Moment End featuring DJ and producer Carlos Gallardo, gained instant hit status in Spain with non-stop radio play throughout the season. Later she released Keep On with Blanco y Negro, which featured top producer Tuccillo, and moved-on to receive much international acclaim. Rebeka also had a milestone live performance at the most popular dance competition show FAMA on Spanish television that year, attracting more than 2.5 million viewers and marking the beginning of a string of appearances on FAMA.

The next major release was Millennium featuring producer Juanjo Martin, which won DJ Best Track and Best Performance at the 2009 Deejay Mag Awards. Millennium was featured on numerous compilations and was a massive radio success during that summer season. Rebeka then decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her career by creating her multimedia show, Discodramah. The performances Rebeka has developed for Discodramah feature live dancers, live musicians, DJs and state of the art video productions. Some of the highlights of these performances have featured the likes of renowned choreographer Rafa Mendez, and dancers from the popular Spanish television show FAMA.

Shortly after, Rebeka teamed up again with the Matinée Group, this time headlining their tour with her Discodramah show at Amnesia, Ibiza. Rebeka also announced the release of her new CD compilation duly titled DiscoDramah. The album contains new and updated remixes of her previous hits as well as new songs in collaboration with the acclaimed Ibiza-based producers Pushtronic.

In a space of a very short time, Rebeka Brown has stormed the scene with exceptional success reaching the four corners of the world, as what seems with ease. She is a talented producer and performer who is bound to keep raising the roofs of major clubs, and should not be taken lightly.