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Ruby Goe



Ruby Goe Bio

Ruby Goe is a turbo charged creative powerhouse and one of the UK’s best new alternative pop singer/songwriters

Armed with a collection of major tunes, impressive live performances, clear artistic vision and her own collection of jewellery, By Rouge, on the side, Ruby Goe is a multi-talented artistic tour de force.

Born on a council estate in Surrey, the death of her mum when she was just three months old, saw her being raised by her father. The youngest of five children, she took inspiration from her family when it came to doing what was necessary to both survive and flourish.

“I got my love of jazz from my dad,” explains Ruby, who unbeknown to many is of Nigerian and British descent. Raised on a very varied diet of her families musical tastes and mixing in her own, Ruby grew up listening to Prince, Africa Bambaataa, Nina Simone, Cheryl Lynn, Salt’n’Pepa, Cameo and Michael Jackson to name a few. Bored out of her mind in her small home town, Ruby started to flex her songwriting skills by free styling over her dad’s jazz instrumentals. She began to find her voice, although not in the usual places.

Eager to nurture her gift of music, Ruby went on to enjoy a stint at the Brighton Music Academy. She was soon performing backing vocals for the likes of nu-soul legend Angie Stone and godfather of the boy band, Ronan Keating.

Fast forward to Ruby arriving in London and setting up her own little studio and honing her other musical skills, namely playing the keyboards, guitar and learning all the technical side of recording. In time she added her songwriting and lyrical talents and finally became a truly self-sufficient artist.

With a solid collection of great tracks, Ruby is looking ahead. She’s taken time to find her style, which she defines as “retro-futuristic alternative pop”. Ruby easily fuses Shoreditch style with upfront edge, making her music a definitive mishmash of both the classic and the cool.

“The temptation was to do soul because I naturally have a soulful voice but what’s the point in limiting yourself. When people ask me what my music is like, I say “don’t try and pigeonhole it, just listen to it”

Ask Ruby who’d she like to collaborate with now and you’ll also hear her shout out bands The Kings of Leon and Arcade Fire.

“I want to do stuff that stands the test of time,” she says when you ask her about her ambitions. “My sound is so definite – I’m focused and totally know where I’m going with it”.

Already drawing comparisons to the likes of Lykke Li, Robyn and Santigold, (artists Ruby herself is a fan of because they “mix up influences and make good pop songs”), the former receptionist also boasts three hit songs with the Stanton Warriors and has penning tracks for a variety of other acts

Putting the finishing touches to her debut EP, Ruby found studio bliss with producers such as Ian Barter, Andy Chatterly, Jonas Quant, Matty Benbrooke and Fred Ball. Due to be released in 2012 on her own label, Goe Music, the album’s debut single ‘Get On It’ whet appetites for both the EP and her album after getting daytime BBC 1 Radio Playlist support (as well as Kiss FM, XFM and Capital) and TV support on MTV, The Box and more. It is time to watch Ruby Goe.

“Brooding retrofuturistic disco belters that showcase an extraordinary vocal talent. An electro moodypop “chanteuse’…PopJustice

“Ruby’s ‘retro futuristic’ sound is getting more attention than her ‘batty riders’…” Mixmag

“Ruby is an MIA with tunes’…. Guardian