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Supafly Bio

A mash-up of dance, hip-hop, reggae, funk and indie is what makes this UK musical act stand out way above the rest.

Supafly Inc is a chance to express ourselves without limitations and it’s a great place for us to escape to.”

The two main players P. Liassi and One, aka Andrew Tumi, aren’t exactly the most likely pairing. P. Liassi, a Londoner is a writer and producer/DJ brought up on a diet of hip-hop, dance, soul and electronica. One is a singer/songwriter who as a kid was dipped in a scalding vat of reggae, soul and the drum rhythms of his West African roots.

“We’ve tried to conform, but the truth is we’re best at being Supafly Inc. and slightly off centre.”

The duo’s individual talents are remarkable in their own right. Over the years they have been responsible for many hits under various monikers. Supafly Inc is a natural evolution of One and P. Liassi’s love of the UK’s unique music scene from the 1988’s dance music’s Summer of Love to the present day.

“Thanks to our fans for voting on us as Best New at the Urban Music Awards.”

Each Supafly Inc record has the tapestry of One and P. Liassi’s differences woven in beautifully. Coupled with skilled song writing, their music is instantly catchy and the songs grab you every time with a vice-like grip.

“We feel at home entertaining with the decks and with the mic in hand. It’s all about the energy that we create.”

Supafly Inc Live
is a hybrid live show – cross between a Jamaican-style sound system and the most energetic party you ever attended. The pair share a common passion for entertaining live, and their crowds have developed a symbiotic passion to be entertained.. The shows literally evolve before your eyes, with Supafly Inc confident enough to improvise when the vibe demands it.

“We were kept on stage recently for four and a half hours. That show only ended because of a call of nature!”

Now London-based, the essence of Supafly Inc’s sun-filled, energetic sound developed partly from P. Liassi and One’s stint in Australia, where they had escaped to reconnect with their creative energy. Inspired by the sunshine and the live music scene in Melbourne, the time away proved to be an inspiration for their signature tune Let’s Get Down. It was written on one of the hottest days in Australia’s history.

Their more recent productions include the singles Be Together, She’s Part of History, Moving Too Fast and Making Love’s Good released on Eye Industries, Spinnin Records and Dog Eat Dog respectively.

Stay tuned.