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Alix Alvarez



Alix Alvarez Bio

Leader of the new school, Alix is carving a new direction for house music

Driven to search for new sounds in early hip hop and beyond, he harvested each beat into his unique production style of today. “I’m layin’ the foundation down” declares Alix Alvarez as he raps about the past, present and future.

Born and raised in Bronx, he has been making moves in the music scene for quite some time. Nourished on vinyl selections of disco, soul and salsa by his parents, Alix was conditioned to be a musical mastermind at an early age. Heavily influenced and motivated by an older sister when he was 12, he began his musical journey on the turntables mixing records such as Todd Terry’s Bango to picking up wax by Big Daddy Kane and DJ Premier. Alvarez went on to study at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan as an audio engineer where he graduated as one of the top students in his class.

In July of 1999, Alix became an assistant sound engineer at MAW (Masters at Work) studios – “Little” Louie Vega’s and Kenny “Dope” Gonzales’ studio in New York. Alix ended up sleeping in the studio making beats on the down low, trying to gain as much knowledge in this musical discourse as possible. It was his experience and training at the MAW studios that helped him to develop his engineering skills as he was beginning to produce his own deep house gems. Over the next few years Alix found himself as an integral part of the New York house scene, bumping heads with respected players in the industry such as Sandy Rivera (K.O.T) and Osunlade who served as mentors to him.

While working at MAW studios, Alix met the co-owner and partner in Sole Channel Records Mr. V, a lower east side local who also worked for the label portion of MAW. The two quickly established a productive relationship and began exposing their sounds about town. For the next two years Alix and Mr. V launched a monthly event called Sole Channel, throwing down soulful, funky house rhythms into the early morning reminding New York of the old-skool underground house parties. In 2004 Alix and Mr. V launched their now internationally recognized record label Sole Channel Music. Since the launch, Sole Channel Music releases have been selling all over the world placing these two in the top tier of future house creators.

Alix Alvarez first released The Nu Breed EP in 2001 on Essence Records UK and since then his production pace has never subdued. Alvarez has been internationally recognized for his remix of Amy Winehouse’s Tears Dry On Their Own, as well as remixing an impressive array of talent that include James Ingram, Sean Escoffrey, Miguel Migs, Lady Alma, Tortured Soul and more recently Jully Black. He achieved global success after the release of the highly acclaimed single Da Bump in collaboration with Mr. V and Miss Patty, released on Defected Records in 2007. He continues to add to that list as his production skills get tighter with each new release.

With a heavy tour schedule, Alix has been on the road spreading the Sole Channel groove from Japan to Johannesburg. Alix and Mr.V have teamed up with famed Parisian producer Franck Roger as co-creators of the internationally renowned 5 Beats event, which holds residencies in Paris, London and New York. Reinventing house music by combining it with hip hop sounds, Alix Alvarez’s productions continue to defy the boundaries of electronic music.