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Antoine Clamaran



Antoine Clamaran Bio

French king of the remix - an international success story

The talented Parisian producer began his career in the 90s in his hometown attracting the attention of the leading local radio station for dance music, Maximum FM. Soon enough he caught on a big crowd of followers and began to be offered gigs at well-known venues around Paris.

In no time Clamaran became the resident DJ at the prestigious club Palace in Paris for the grand Gay Tea Dance every Sunday, taking the position from the popular Laurent Garnier. His desire to produce took control and he teamed up with Laurent Pautrat, together producing the famous I’ve Got Music In Me under one of his many aliases 400hz. The track released on House Trade Records and was licensed to BMG France selling over 100 000 copies.

By now the requests were pouring in for the established producer to remix various praised works such as Funky Music by Calvin Stone, Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre, Party Time by Gloria Estefan, You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive and Encore Une Fois by Euro Smash. His own productions under his alternative aliases such as Carayca, LAC and D Plac always placed at the top of the DJ playlists, but it wasn’t till 1998 that he broke through and entered the French 50 best-sellers list.

Meanwhile Clamaran decided to leave his residency in Palace and trade it for the “Temple of Dance” in Paris called Le Queen. 1998 brought success and fame to Antoine Clamaran as he produced three smash hits (Dreaming of a Better World, Peace & Harmony and The Mission) under the name Omega achieving gold status with all three tracks and selling over 250 000 copies.

In 2002 Clamaran teamed up again with Laurent Pautrat and produced his debut album Release Yourself on Universal Records releasing it under his own name. For the next six years he released two more albums – Congos Tools Vol.1LP (2003) and the opus Inside (2008) – in addition to several successful singles such as Keep On Trying and Give Me Some Love, selling over 1 200 000 copies around the world.

Three years ago he returned to work with Laurent Pautrat and this time they were joined by none other than the talented Sandy Wilhelm. The collaboration of these three endowed producers resulted in the release of the critically acclaimed album Spotlight in 2009. The album took a new direction reflecting Antoine’s influence by the many musical currents he has played with as a DJ. The 15-tracked album showcases appearances of many well-established artists such as Joachim Garraud, Chris Kaeser, Lulu Hughes, Annie C, Duane Harden and many more.

The first two tracks from the album, Gold and Reach for the Stars, became instant hits, conquering the radio audience, greatly accepted by the fans and topped the list of songs in the clubs throughout the world.

With more than 1 250 000 CDs sold globally, and after the success of Gold, Reach For The Stars and Believe, released on Spotlight, Antoine Clamaran is steadily pushing the boundaries of the dance scene and raising the bar.