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Danny Rampling


Danny Rampling Bio

Danny Rampling is the undisputed Godfather of the British House Music scene

Danny Rampling rose to fame and notoriety in the late 80s, when he catalysed the dance/rave Acid House explosion with his legendary club Shoom. Few would have guessed how all-pervasive this influence would prove in the years to follow.

With his profile growing, Danny was asked to DJ for the groundbreaking Kiss FM radio station. By accepting, he was able to inadvertedly extend his influence over dance music and the changing attitudes of young London.

In the 90s his influence gained massive momentum as he toured worldwide and became a household name with a Radio One show that lasted six years, generating sales in excess of one million compilation CDs. As a result he became a brand unto himself, building an international army of fans and supporters and a vast array of high calibre business contacts.

He became the ‘must have’ DJ for the cool celebrity party scene, playing at key personal and corporate events for George Michael, The Pet Shop Boys, Mick Hucknell, Gloria Estefan, Depeche Mode, Patrick Cox, Boy George and many more. During this time he was specially commissioned to provide the catwalk soundtrack for Milan designer Antonio Berardi. It proved a glorious success and he carried on in this role for a further five years, becoming the darling of the fashion world as a result. Danny continues to this day to play at exclusive private parties, glamorous events and social gatherings worldwide.

In the new millennium Danny’s success has taken on a new persona but continues unabated. There has been an extraordinary evolution in consumer choice and lifestyle expectations, creating new markets and levels of sophistication. Danny remains at the forefront of these trends retaining a visionary awareness that has been the hallmark of his career.

Danny has over twenty years’ experience in brand cultivation, event management, promotion and PR awareness as well as running highly successful club nights. In 2006 Danny entered a period of semi-retirement from the music business to concentrate on other business interests.

Now in the 20th year anniversary of the Summer of Love Danny is back in the limelight again, sharing his passion for music as we enter a year of special celebration and recollection of a vibrant and pivotal time in contemporary culture.