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Fun Lovin’ Criminals


Fun Lovin’ Criminals Bio

Born out of the New York club scene, Fun Lovin’ Criminals have always straddled a variety of genres – everything from rock, hip hop, jazz, funk, reggae and even lounge with aplomb. Their eclectic style has seen them become a firm festival favourite and a multi Platinum and Gold act in the UK and Europe selling over 4 million records worldwide.

Two thirds of Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Fast and Frank Benbini, take the Fun Lovin’ Criminal swagger to the decks having played at some of the biggest clubs, parties and events around the world. Together they’ve gotten people on the dance floor and are the “go to” party starters for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Gum Ball Rally, Red Bull, G Star and for clubs like Bungalow & (NYC and London) and Sky Bar (LA and Miami).

Fast started the band Fun Lovin’ Criminals in New York City in 1993. With FLC he has toured most of the world and on his travels has been able to buy up vinyl everywhere FLC performed. Upon entering the digital age, Fast managed to digitize all his music giving him the flexibility to play just about anything without having to bring crates of records with him!

More a lover of good, recognizable classic tunes as opposed to being a turntablist, Fast brings a unique approach to spinning at a party.

Frank Benbini AKA “The Rhythm Man” holds down percussion duties for FLC as the band’s drummer as well as being is Fast’s partner in crime on the decks.