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Ian Carey


Ian Carey Bio

Ian Carey is and has been for many years a legendary key player in the house scene worldwide.

Growing up in a small town in Maryland, USA about two hours from Washington DC, he was exposed to music at a young age as his father was a live sound engineer and ran a sound reinforcement company. His father engineered for such groups as Kool and The Gang and The Duke Ellington Orchestra. His mother played guitar and sang as a hobby. By the time he was seven years old he was able to mic a stage for a concert and travel along with his father during summer vacation making tour stops all over America from east to west. In high school, he played drums and was even in the school marching band.

Ian discovered dance music while he was in college. Already a part of the graffiti-writing scene in Baltimore, he met hip-hop DJs which led him to his next passion. So, he put down his spray can and bought some turntables. He started DJ-ing and played mostly hip-hop., and quickly acquired a position at Music Liberated in Baltimore as a buyer/sales rep, where he was properly introduced to house music.

He bought a Pentium computer running at 100MHz, an Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler, E-mu Orbit, Planet Phat and the Proteus 2000. With that he made his very first vocal production (featuring Jason Papillon as Soul Providers) Rise. It was a crossover hit and went Gold in the UK.

It wasn’t long before Ian decided to move to Europe as it was more convenient to be closer to the place the dance music scene thrives. His signature “funky bass line” sound grew and eventually propelled the demand for his top-notch productions, especially remixes. In one single week, Ian held eight mixes on the UK Upfront Club Top 40.

Clubbers, DJs and fans who demanded to know more created an influx of interviews from radio, magazines and MTV. The most exclusive to date – an impressive eight page spread (and two hour DVD) explores the intimate details of his production techniques in the very prominent Future Music Magazine – published in many languages and countries worldwide.

He has made hits like Say What You Want on Nero Records and in 2008 released a rework of his former project Soul Providers’ Rise into the smash Keep On Rising. As a result, Ian received respect from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Pete Tong and continued to top 40 sales and radio in many countries.

Get Shaky was unleashed and saw huge success world-wide, including the coveted Double Platinum certification in Australia and a Gold certification in the UK. In the first week of its UK release, it became a Top 10 in the Official UK Singles Chart. Ian also co-produced the video which not only ranked as Top 10 on iTunes but also landed him a VMA Moonman award for Best Dance Video in Australia’s MTV Music awards.

2010 and 2011 touring highlights included some of the top nightclubs and festivals worldwide including a nine show tour in Brazil, a full month tour with fifteen shows in Australia, a residency at Set Miami, as well as one off shows in Dubai, Los Angeles, Singapore, Vancouver, Munich, Dublin, London and Moscow just to name a few. Video touring highlights are available to view on Ian’s YouTube channel:

2011 also saw the release of the Vicious Cuts CD compilation that was released by Ministry of Sound/Universal/Vicious Records.

Ian’s latest single Last Night features singer Bobby Anthony and hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg. The collaboration has already earned a Platinum certification in Australia and is still working its way through the charts worldwide. Ian is currently in his Miami based studio working on his next singles and collaborating with A-list artists as well as up and coming talents. Summer 2011 saw the launch of Ian’s monthly radio show Muzik Liberated syndicated world-wide and available for streaming online.