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Jamie Lewis


Jamie Lewis Bio

The Swiss producer has been affecting the house scene ever since he first imploded on to the stage in the early 90s.

Jamie Lewis began his career in the mid 80s when he first appeared around Swiss venues playing classic disco and funk until the late 80s when he was introduced to house, and soon enough established himself as one of Europe’s greatest house producers. In 1987 he opened up his own record shop called Dee Jay Service that ultimately became the foundation of the Swiss and International DJ scene and ran for almost two decades.

By the early 90s he had already made a name for himself in the club scene, but decided to take it to the next level and in 1992 he released his debut Anixus EP with the Italian label UMM. He followed it up with the release of Anixus EP 2 in 1994 on the same label, blasting himself onto the worldwide scene.

During the 90s he produced many well-established and popular singles such as The Poem, Can’t Live Without You, Back To Roots, Eau De Chante and Paradise, most of them released on UMM. In 1997 he launched his own label Purple Music establishing it with Sabrynaah Pope’s single Shelter (and adding his own remix), and eventually his own single For You featuring Michael Watford. In the same year Lewis began a residency called Purple Music Nights at the venue Kaufleuten in Zurich eventually spreading it to the club Atlantis in Basel in 2000.

Since then Jamie has showcased his talents in some of the world’s most vibrating venues such as Pacha (Ibiza), El Divino (Ibiza), Cielo (New York) and Ministry of Sound (London) among others. 2001 saw the release of the single Streetlife but this time on the praised Purple Music imprint. In the following few years Lewis released several distinguished singles such as Independent Moods feat. Louis Benedetti (2002), It’s Allright feat. Lisa Millett (2004) and It’s Over feat. Michael Watford (2006).

His most successful productions so far have been the acclaimed singles The Light (2002) and Be Thankful (2005) that he collaborated with the wonderful Michelle Weeks, and brought him nominations at the UK House Music Awards. Purple Music went on to release more of his productions such as Unity (2007), the follow-up It’s Not Over (Baby Please) (2008) featuring Michael Watford, Body Music feat. Keith Thompson (2008), It’s On Your Face and Michael’s Prayer (2009) both featuring Michael Watford.

Jamie Lewis has been nominated for and won several prestigious awards; he was nominated for the UK House Music Awards in 2004 and 2005 for his label Purple Music and as a producer, in the categories “best producer”, “best WMC Miami’s 2004 and 2005 song” and “breakthrough best European label”. He also won the 2006 Ibiza DJ Awards of the 9th Edition in the category “breakthrough best DJ of the year”.

He has created many club anthems that have conquered the world including Hooked On You (2004), You Are The One (2005), Not Too Shabby (2006) and Tattoo Woman (2009), all remixes of the disco legend Cerrone and proving he has exceptional, roof-raising remix skills. Despite his activeness in production and DJ-ing, Jamie Lewis finds the time to collaborate with over 75 different radio stations worldwide including a weekly radio show at Radio FG, 105 Switzerland & Italy and a monthly partnership with Maxima & Loca FM.

This year in July Jamie released his highly anticipated single Sunshine Hotel in collaboration with Cynthia Manley and Deep Solution’s track Calypso Woman (feat. Roland Clark) where Jamie participated as a co-producer. He also released the compilation My Girlfriend Is Out Of Town Vol. 5 now in October.

With so much going on, and with so much experience and talent behind him, the man who helped shape house music is still spinning the records and twisting the sounds. With several singles forthcoming, we can only sit back and admire.