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Laurent Wolf


Laurent Wolf Bio

Laurent Wolf has been dedicating his life to electronic music since the age of twelve.

He was discovered in 1992 as he was doing his first sets in Paris, eventually achieving an offer to hold a weekly mixer party at the prestigious Parisian nightclub Queen. Laurent Wolf has worked for the Queen for ten years, mixing up to three nights a week which became his platform for success.

With six albums to his name and countless singles, it is hard to ignore the fact that Wolf has truly conquered the house scene and established himself as one of the foremost DJs and creative producers of his time. In 1995 he released House Train which quickly became #1 and shows Laurent’s undeniable gift for house music production, often tinted with more avant-garde electro music.

But the success was even greater with the hit Saxo which became a dance floor triumph all over the world, along with the single Calinda. These two singles appeared on the first album, Sunshine Paradise released in 2003 on M10; it is a two CD set on which Laurent Wolf puts his own distinctive stamp: rhythmical music in which elaborate drums and peppy percussion prevail. His label manager remembers the night when Laurent played Saxo for the first time:

“The audience went crazy. Laurent and I looked at each other in the booth. We knew it was the beginning of something huge.”

“I still test my instrumentals in the clubs today, even tracks that aren’t finished, to see if people like them. When it works like with Saxo and Calinda, then you know it’s good,” says Laurent.

Even the radio stations, generally hostile to electro music, play Laurent Wolf, now one of the French music scene’s rising stars. He has sold 250,000 vinyl maxis in 50 countries. Saxo and Calinda can be found on hundreds of compilations worldwide. At the same time, he has been consolidating his discography structures; after the creation of the Darkness label in 2001, the label Afrodynamic and Ritmodynamic were the logical follow-up.

For each album, Laurent invested in new machines to change his way of working and create new sounds. He now composes his records from A to Z: beats, bass and vocals. In 2004 he released the album Positive Energy and then in 2006 Hollyworld. He also released the first compilation under the Afrodynamic label. So, is Laurent Wolf a star DJ? Not really.

“I don’t care about being a star. I’m only interested in my studio work being recognized by the public. When someone tells me he/she likes the way I work, I’m far more pleased than when a guy asks me for an autograph for his younger sister.”

Yet Laurent’s reputation continues to grow, in particular thanks to his reluctance to act like a star. Being a hard worker that he is, he set up his own studio at home so that he could record anytime he wants, and he continues to tour the nightlife world, stopping over in Taiwan to mix in front of 2000 people at a flying-saucer-shaped club, in Russia at the Zima club, performing for a New Year’s eve in Chile for 15 000 dancers, on a beach in Colombia with a crowd of 25 000 people, in Mexico City at the legendary Living room, at the Pacha in Barcelona …

“I happened to fly twenty hours forth and twenty back just to perform a set of two hours,” he remembers.

In 2008 Wolf released the album Wash my World, showcasing tracks such as No Stress, Wash My World and Explosion. In 2010 he released yet another album Harmony, this time displaying impressive collaborations with artists such as Andrew Roachford, Mod Martin, Timati, Laurent Pepper, Moby and Severn Suzuky, and hit songs like Love Again, Suzy, Walk The Line and World Is Wonderful.

His collaboration with prestigious labels such as Ultra Records, Armada, Blanco y Negro and Time Records ensures that he is an international hit. With such extensive accomplishments already, and his charismatic modest character, Laurent Wolf is the man to follow.