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MC Eric (Technotronic)


MC Eric (Technotronic) Bio

(MC) Eric Martin rose to fame as an original member of the legendary dance act Technotronic, and has since reinvented himself as a respected artist/producer.

Forever connected to the development of the worldwide house phenomenon as part of Technotronic , this multitalented musician producer is equally at home with club music or Hip Hop. He’s been short-listed for the Mercury Music Prize as Me-One, but he’s also developed a ground-breaking DJ set as MC Eric and an impending off-shoot career as a house producer in his own right

Back in 1989 Technotronic took the world by storm with their first chart success Pump Up The Jam, a track now considered by many as a seminal house classic. Eric , alongside Jo Bogaert and Manuela Kamosi, sustained a long period of success with the group. Chart and club hits included Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) and This Beat Is Technotronic and the act sold well over 14,000,000 albums along the way. After Technotronic he released two acclaimed albums as Me-One, writing with HipHop legends The Roots and Guru, yet 2012 finds him focused on the dance floor again. He’s currently in the studio working with the likes of Shaun Escoffery to develop his own unique take on the current house scene.

Taking influence from a wide range of electronic performers, Eric’s latest DJ show merges the generations of his illustrious and diverse music career by combining the classic house sound with modern production techniques. By using a bespoke combination of software, keyboards and MIDI controllers, Eric maintains a live element to his DJ performances and creates an environment where he can manipulate and remix tracks on the fly. Bridging turntablism with sequencing software, his creativity is felt in every aspect of the set as he seamlessly loops and edits house classics to update them for a contemporary dance floor. In addition, Eric also maintains a dialogue with his audience, harking back to the days of New York’s old school block party DJ’s.

In addition to performing and touring with Technotronic, who have recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of Pump Up The Jam with series of tour dates around the world, Eric regularly rocks international dance floors with his unique solo DJ performances. He has recently travelled all over Europe to destinations such as Croatia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and France. He will soon be branching out to the rest of the world.

In short, MC Eric has combined the best elements of live performance with his unique turntable skills to create a breathtakingly dynamic DJ show which simply cannot be ignored!