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Sak Noel


Sak Noel Bio

Sak Noel has been solely responsible for making people loco this summer.

Sak Noel stunned the world with his surprise Spanish hit Loca People, which has had such a success on the dance floor that it quickly moved into chart success across Europe, reaching #1 in four countries already. It is a song that talks about the infamous “Spanish Fiesta”. It tells the story of a Holland girl that, through Sak Noel, discovers all the nightlife that anyone can handle during their summer holiday in Spain. As the video shows, the only interest of the girl from Holland is to live for the nights. The track has had huge support from famous DJs that have been playing it non-stop to the summer party crowd.

Sak Noel is no stranger to the scene. He made his first steps in the music world when he was a teenager, influenced by the electronic sounds in the beginning of the 21st Century. After spinning in different clubs he founded his own company with his best friend; putting on parties and working on productions for other artists and themselves – collectively called Mak & Sak and joined by a vocalist Xana. With this group he travelled around the country organising events and DJ-ing. His most recent work on the Loca People video is an example of his interest in both music and visual. More productions are already in the pipeline but in the meantime, prepare to go Loca!