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Samantha Ronson


Samantha Ronson Bio

Her stepfather's a jukebox hero — as in Foreigner's Mick Jones — and her brother's a star DJ — that'd be Mark Ronson — so for Samantha Ronson to get a word in at the dinner table, she had to know her tunes.

Ronson grew up around music by going on tour with Foreigner for family vacations and cutting class at her stepfather’s studio, but she was never interested in playing. Then, after spending a year in Paris after high school, she returned to New York and realized she had nothing to listen to. Ronson taught herself to play and sing and eventually put her poetry to the music. She was still a closet performer, though, when a different sort of music opportunity knocked.

“I got a call one night from a club that I used to hang out at and they were like ‘Do you want to DJ?’“ Ronson remembers. “I was like ‘No way’ but my friends were saying ‘come on, just do it. How hard could it be?’ I was always at the club, so I figured I might as well get paid for it.”

Samantha took the gig and before she knew it she was filling in for her brother at other clubs while he finished his album. She continued to sharpen her skills on the Wheels of Steel and eventually DJ-ing became a full time job.”I am a pretty good DJ. I give myself props.” Samantha gets more than just props. She spins at some of the most high profile gigs around the country, making an appearance at Jessica Simpson’s birthday party, with Lindsay Lohan on the American Music Awards, Elle Girl Prom, Blender, Maxim, IFC Awards, Playstation at the Super Bowl, Sundance and the VMA’s in Miami.

In 2003 Samantha teamed up with the legendary Jay-Z and together they released the hit track 99 Problems on Roc-A-Fella Records. The following year Ronson released a couple of more tracks entitled Built This Way and Pull My Hair Out on the same imprint.

Samantha’s career shows no signs of letting up. She continues to field offers on a daily basis and says she loves what she’s doing. “This is the best job I can imagine: playing music I love, hanging with my friends, and giving people something to dance to.”