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Sarah Main

Sarah Main Bio

Born in Sydney, Sarah now resides in Ibiza where she maintains her Pacha residency.

Sarah Main is the first female DJ to rise from the Australian dance scene. Talented, sexy, sassy and vivacious, Sarah has a long standing residency at Pacha Ibiza and is renowned the world over for her technical abilities and unique signature sound that consists of smooth house, rocking electro and jacking sleazy beats.

Born in a country town just outside of Sydney, Sarah’s love for music was instilled in her from childhood.

“Music is such a powerful medium, everybody feels it. My memories of mixing music began from when I was five years old and I used to sit for hours in front of the stereo changing tune after tune for my grandmothers famously crazy parties…the Main’s like to dance!”

But her introduction to house music came at the youthful age of fourteen when her older sister would send her tapes from raves in England. After being shown the basics, Sarah locked herself in a room for eight hours a day practicing and learning the techniques that were the foundations for her prospering career.

“The first time I touched the decks I just knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had one of those moments of clarity, where you feel something really strong.”

Sarah began DJ-ing in Sydney clubs in ‘95 and by ‘01 she had conquered Australia having played in the most reputable clubs in Sydney (Home, Soho, Kink, Sounds) and toured extensively across the country. She played at many of its major festivals and has also hosted two successful house radio shows on Rhythm FM and New Wave FM.

In 2001 Sarah earned her residency at Pacha when she was offered a gig at the club after missing her plane home to Australia. Her ambition, her style, her tight mixing and her immaculate taste in house music got her noticed by the right Pacha managers. Sarah had then only two weeks to get to Australia and back to play her first Pacha party in Iceland.

Since then, Sarah has never looked back. She is revered for her weekly sessions at Pacha Ibiza which have been noticed by more than just the Pacha crew…both Erick Morillo and Pete Tong quoted her as the best warm up DJ in DJ Mag. Sarah was also nominated twice at the DJ Awards for ‘Best Ibiza DJ’ in 2004 and ‘Best Newcomer’ in 2005, before deservingly being crowned the ‘Best Ibiza DJ’ in 2006.

2005 brought Sarah a residency alongside Pete Tong at Pacha’s flagship weekly event, Pure Pacha. The pair were responsible for the 3 Pure Pacha compilations, which in past years has only received rave reviews, including ‘Compilation of the month’ in Mixmag during 2005. Sarah has also mixed various other compilations including Pacha Ibiza Winter Sessions, Pacha Japan, Ibiza World Tour, the Pacha Experience CD 07 and Pacha Brazil 08.

Sarah is quickly becoming one of the most recognized female DJs in the world. She has played in over thirty countries and on every continent, from touring Asia to playing at the Cross in London, Zouk in Singapore, Creamfields in Liverpool, La Rocca in Belgium, Pacha in New York, and Trilogy in Dubai to name a few.

Not only does Sarah’s music epitomize the sound of Pacha, but her look and personal style do also. Both stylish and glamorous Sarah has been featured in many of the clubs photographic campaigns by revered and long standing Pacha photographer Tony Riera. As well as being featured in many global dance magazines, Sarah has been on the cover of the Pacha magazine with Smokin Jo and Tania Vulcano. In June of 2006 Sarah began hosting her own Pacha radio show on Galaxy FM in the UK. It has proven to be nothing less than a success with an audience of over 300 000 every week.

There are no limits for Sarah Main. While the next few years excite her with endless possibilities, she aims to focus on producing music. Geared up to work with some of the most credible producers in the industry, Sarah’s own music will soon begin to filter out.

“Mixing is one thing, but DJ-ing is an art form”, says Sarah.
Sarah has definitely conquered the art of DJ-ing, and now continues to spread her infectious sound globally.