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Melodee Jays


Melodee Jays Bio

Melodee Jays is an Albanian EDM trio consisting of three disc jockeys and producers: 
Jusli ANN, Eli DeeJay, and Tapeffect. 
The group officially formed in late 2012
The three dj's have a rich backround in dj scene in Albania
They have been playing and staying active in diffrent club gigs, events, live shows, ect, all around Albania
In summer 2013 they release their first official single, 
this time collaborating with a young duo vocalits which they go under the name UNIX
The single is an uptempo club dance tune and is titled 'Memories'
it will be released worldiwide in june 2013 under copyrights of '' which is the exclusive promoter/manager of Melodee Jays.

leaving his hometown to follow his studies in capital city of Albania/Tirana, Jusli Ann soon got involved in dj backround in the city, his first parties were around of the most frequented night clubs in Tirana
Becoming known for his crazy sets with main stream music and achieving succes in night life as a dj, 
Jusli Ann soon got his firts offers from big club owners for residency, and its from then in 2008 where Jusli Ann met Tapeffect in one of the biggest night club of that time which was called Sharm Club... soon they started collaborating in music projects for local artists , parities, events and so on.

Eli DeeJay
he is known for his long time lasted as a resident dj at one of the first,biggest,frequented, where most of the v.i.p of Albania spend their night life during that time, and the place was called ROZAFA PALACE, Along side with other dj's Eli become more and more popular in music scene in Albania,  and because he was close to well known musicians and other artists.He's music sets are well selected and he's a master on making the night rich and never fail, Being friends with Jusli Ann, Eli met Tapeffect and so the three decided to form a dj group.


Like any music band or something similar needs a leader, here comes Tapeffect.
He left Albania in his teen to emigrate in Greece for better chances, and is there where he could make his dream come true,
to get involved in music industry.
Tapeffect started collaborating and at the same time studying music technology with his other Greek fellows,
starting as a breakdancer and forming one of the first breaking crew in Kalamata/Greece,he got his first chance to be introduced to dj world and its then where everything got ignited, buying his first dj gear, Tapeffect started practicing turntablism/scratching and started throwing parties around the town but he was involved in music making process as well. self tought mixing and engineering audio and got his first personal studio. Late in 2008 coming back from Greece with a very good 'skill arsenal', Tapeffect met Jusli Ann at Sharm Club where both started as residents for 2 years then they started working on music projects for other artists, closing parties, events, ect.
Being always in touch with major studios in Tirana as an engineer and producer, tapeffect opened his own recording studio,
and is there where Melodee jays officially formed.