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Akcent Bio

6 Golden and Platinum records, heaps of hits and thousands of concerts worldwide, Romanian group Akcent continue to push their mission of music without borders.

Their career started somehow on a left foot… broke. They couldn’t even afford a tram ticket, or so they said in their debut single. Fast forward to now and they really made it.

Their story begins early in 2002 with the hit single Ti-am Promis and their debut album In Culori. It went Gold in less than three weeks and Platinum several months later; in the process the boys became a national phenomenon and released several other singles such as Prima Iubire and In Culori Si Cel Mai Dulce Cadou. The boys shared their success with composer Marius Moga, who wrote the whole album.

2003 brought the second album technically titled 100 BPM. The hit that sent the boys back to the top of the charts was Buchet De Trandafiri, and they also won the Romanian fans over when they revealed the meaning behind the album’s title: the beating of the heart during a passionate kiss. A rougher image and a slight change of rhythm followed in 2004 when the boys put out Poveste De Viata. The aforementioned track and Spune-Mi (Hey Baby!) both charted marking yet another colorful chapter in the band’s career. Not really the silence before the storm as their national success was at high levels but what followed took everyone by surprise.

In 2005 the European door was finally slammed open by the boys’ first single from the new album SOS. Naming the single Kylie and adding some cheeky lyrics was one of the smartest moves of their career. It gradually took Europe by storm and charted almost all over the continent. The Romanian version of the song entitled Dragoste De Inchiriat won the Best Group award at The MTV Romanian Music Awards in 2006. The same year also witnessed the release of their Primul Capitol album which included the first songs written and produced by the boys JoKero and 9 Mai. To keep the fire burning, King Of Disco was released in 2007, a tribute track and video to Madonna. It stayed at the top of Romanian airplay for weeks, and also gave name to the new album from which another pan European hit was released titled Let’s Just Talk About It.

After so much success and hard work something was bound to go wrong. With six Gold and Platinum records, heaps of hits all over the continent and thousands of concerts, finally the feeling of invincibility came to a halt for a moment as Marius decided to fulfil his long time desire of becoming a solo artist and left the band. As the four boys became close friends during their time in the band, Adi, Mihai and Sorin respected Marius’ decision and even supported him; from that point four became three.

In 2008 the boys released their eagerly anticipated new single Stay With Me produced and written in Adi’s own studio. It stayed at #1 four weeks in Romania and charted in many other territories, reaching the top spot in charts of Poland, Russia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and more. It paved the way for the new album (the first as a trio) Fara Lacrimi (No Tears) and a brand new single, the 2009 summer smash That’s My Name that became a true border breaker, taking the Akcent name again on the top spot of the charts in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, India, Pakistan and many more.

As their weekends are full with shows all over the world from Moscow to Baku and Madrid to Bangalore, the boys can be sure to look forward to a busy 2012.