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Big Brovaz


Big Brovaz Bio

Throughout the last decade, Big Brovaz were one of the most popular r&b and hip-hop groups to grace the charts.

Hailing from London, the group – which has changed its line-up a number of times – released two albums, Nu-Flow on Sony Music and Re-Entry on Genetic Records. Their most popular hits include “Nu Flow” and “Favourite Things” which both became top ten hits in countries including the UK, Australia, Sweden and more.

The group was original made up of three women, MOBO winning half-Jamaican and half-Irish Cherise, Dion and Nadia plus three men, J-Rock, Flawless and Randy, as well as two producers Skillz and Fingaz. Owing to the large and often changing line-up it has been said that the group were a softer version of the notorious So Solid Crew.

Notable achievements in their time include the underground success of the group’s compilation “Big Brovaz – Watching You”, as well as having their debut album proper, Nu-Flow go Platinum in the UK – a rare achievement for an r&b band. One of the group’s singles was also covered for a Halifax advert in the UK and their track “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” was also used in the movie, Scooby-Doo2 Monsters Unleashed.

Outside of the group, most members have had solo careers with a number of successful singles coming on labels like Hed Kandi since the last Big Brovaz album, and now they are reformed and ready to roll once again.