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Byron Stingly



Byron Stingly Bio

Former lead vocalist of the legendary house nand Ten City.

His distinctive vocals are known the world over with recordings on Atlantic, Sony, Manifesto and Nervous Records to name a few. Former lead vocalist of one of the most successful house bands of all time, Byron and Ten City recorded a string of club anthem in the late 80s and early 90s such as That’s The Way Love Is, Devotion, Right Back To You and many more.

In the mid 90s Byron went from strength to strength with chart hits such as Get Up, Sing A Song and You Make Me Feel Mighty Real. In 2002 Byron kicked back with the big house anthem Light My Fire produced by Lenny Fontana and in the same year Shake Your Booty was recorded with the production team Moonshine, including the cool and sought Japanese import Sweet Dreams which has now been re-released on Disorient Records UK.

After years of recording for and on various record labels Byron decided he wanted to pass on his experience through nurturing up-and-coming artists, and also gain the freedom to be able to work with various other producers and artists, by launching his own label called Odyssey Records with producer/DJ Lenny Fontana.

The labels first release was the big dance floor anthem Light My Fire which was then followed by releases from Darryl D’ Bonneau and Carole Sylvan and the 2003 stunner U Know How To Love Me by Black Masses.

In 2009 Stingly released his latest production entitled 100% Of Stalkin’ You (There Was A Time) showcasing remixes by Born To Funk, Deemah and Terry Hunter.