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Kate Ryan


Kate Ryan Bio

With a sales history of over 3.5 million units worldwide in just ten years, the least one could say is that dance diva and World Music Award winner Kate Ryan’s musical career has rocketed away.

Today Kate Ryan, after having successfully summarized the French chapter with the French Connection album (2009), is releasing her new single LoveLife, marking her commitment to English-language repertoire, and paving the way for a brand new album. Kate Ryan is poised to reach out for even broader audiences than she did with the already very popular French-language remakes.

Early ‘radio-only’ versions of LoveLife, a high energy collaboration of the Belgian Eurovision star with producer Anders Hansson, met with immediate enthusiasm both with radio staffers and audience. In Spain, the leading Los 40 Principales radio network was snowed under with enthusiastic reactions – in Kate Ryan’s home market – leading Flemish hit maker Radio MNM picked up the song even before the play-lists were updated, and biggest TOP 40 station Q-Music increasing the number of spins weekly.


LoveLife is a premier example of how the combination of a talented singer and skilled producer can bring forward the best in an artist – and make a hit of it. Moulding already catching rhythms with the haunting hook caught in Liquido’s Narcotic, gives LoveLife exactly the edge needed for a number one hit.

The video for LoveLife was directed by Olivier Sommer, who also shot the clip for Kate’s Ella, Elle L’a – and the Liquido video. “The hook is so strong I get to make this video twice”, Sommer said on the clip with a ‘telenovela’ storyboard…

Both LoveLife and the upcoming album Electroshock were recorded at Stockholm’s Roxy Studio’s (formerly Cheyron Studio’s), the inspiring workplace where artists like Backstreet Boys, Cher and Britney Spears came to cut hit records. As on her four previous albums, Kate Ryan contributed in writing most of the twelve songs on the new album – alongside Anders Hansson, Kate also worked as co-producer on several tracks.

With Kate Ryan being a steady seller in the legal download segment (in 2009, Kate was awarded “Most downloaded artist in Spain” with over 400.000 downloads of Voyage Voyage and Ella, Ella L’a), Electroshock will also feature three iTunes exclusive tracks.


Kate Ryan’s determined choice for English language repertoire will undoubtedly bring her beyond the already loyal fan base in Belgium, Spain, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Germany, Poland and Canada – backed by an impressive career ignited by Scream for More in 2001, confirming with pan-European hits like Désenchantée, Only If I, Voyage Voyage, and Ella Elle L’a Kate Ryan is now eyeing dance floors and audiences worldwide, with a solid live reputation to conquer them.