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Jose Padilla


Jose Padilla Bio

“Jose Padilla has created a legend worldwide as the master of Chill-Out and Ambient Music” - Billboard Magazine USA

Like no other Jose Padilla has managed to convert the Ibiza lifestyle into music. He is the originator of the “Ibiza sound” the Godfather of Chill, Lounge and the relaxed Ibiza sound. Whilst others were banging Techno & House in the clubs it was Jose Padilla that made Cafe del Mar a legend, initially on the island and then around the world. With over 6 million compilations and albums sold, the name José Padilla and Café del Mar will always conjure images of sunsets and beautiful music.

Since the early 80′s José has been playing in the famous clubs of Pacha, Space or Ku. Initially he sold his mixes at the Hippy Market on the island and then came the famous invitation to DJ at Cafe del Mar- the rest is history as they say.

The Queen of Pop, Madonna went on record as saying that any of the Café del Mar volumes mixed by José Padilla would be her choice as the perfect soundtrack to take to a desert island. This made him the famous name he is, also his two solo albums ‘Souvenir’ & ‘Navigator’ were released worldwide and in the USA. ‘Navigator’ being nominated for a Latin Billboard Grammy.

José has by no means slowed down, his ‘Bella Musica’ & ‘Sunset’ compilation series go straight to #1, he has a new album being released worldwide by Warner Music, ’2 Hearts’ with Kirsty Keatch in summer 2012, he is an Ambassador for his country- DJing worldwide in London, Paris, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Moscow, Amsterdam, Miami, Italy, Australia, a special guest on the Formula 1 circuit and also preparing for a live tour…… Oh and watch out for a further exclusive surprise in 2012, he will be adding his special magic to the world famous Blue Note Jazz label as a new compilation series “Beach Classics”.

“Agua” (Café del Mar Vol.1 1994)
“Sabor de Verano” (Café del Mar Vol.2 1995)
“Walking on Air” (Café del Mar vol.3 1996)
“One Day in Paradise” (1997)
“Souvenir” (1998 Mercury)
“Navigator”(2001 — Dro East West/ Maverick)
“Navigator Special Edition” (2002 – Dro East West)
“Café Del Mar Vol. 1—6″ (1994-2001)
“The Best of Café del Mar” (2003)
“ManRay Vol. 4″ (Wagram 2004)
“Café Solo Vol. 1″ (Resist 2006)
“Hotel Micuras” (2006)
“Café Solo Vol. 2″ (Resist 2007)
“Bella Musica Vol. 1-3″ (East-West/ Cool D-Vision 2005-2008)
“Bella Musica Vol. 4″ (Cool D-Vision 2009)
“Café Mambo” 15 Aniversary (Defected Records 2009)
“Bella Musica Vol. 5″ ( East-West/ Cool D-Vision 2010)
“Ibiza Classic Sunset” (Avril 2010)
“Singita — Here Comes The Sunset VOI.4″ (Klik Records 2011)
“2 Hearts” with Kirsty Keatch (2012 Warner Music, Spain)

1 Song in “Manumision The Movie”
1 Song in “El Arte de Morir”
Q 1 Song for millennium of Modern Art Museum, Edinburgh
Soundrack for the film “El sueno de Ibiza” (Ibiza’s Dreams)